Internships and Employment

IIHM provides 100 % Job placement and internship in local and international Market. Students are given such opportunities during their course period and they have to choose as their likes and required .

They will be refereed in star hotel, air catering, resort, ships crews, fine dining, Lounge and club for internship and OGT Package. Internships are an opportunity for students “to get a foot in the door” at some of the most prestigious, well-respected and well-known properties in the industry. Students are offered job placement and internship frequently by the organization.


IIHM graduates find employment in many facets of the hospitality industry including star Hotels, Air Catering , clubs, ships cruise. The jobs that students receive immediately upon graduating varies greatly, depending upon their career goals and practical experiences. Graduates may accept positions such as: Commis chef ( III,II ) , Waiter, Waitress, Housekeeper, , pastry cook, baker, host, Receptionist, Coffee Maker, Barman, Guest Relation Manager, Front office Manager, cashiers, Room attendance, reservations officer , front office manager. Job Placement assistance is available to all students respectively

Internships to Chef

The internship opportunity is an important part of the culinary program. You will learn and practice culinary skills in the supportive environment of the IIHM kitchens. These skills are then put to the test in a commercial kitchen where every second counts and the customer is always right—an exciting challenge! Gain real ‘on-the-job’ experience in order to give yourself the best possible start to your career.
All students are encouraged to take the opportunity to gain valuable industry experience with some of the best fine dining restaurants and star hotels


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