Vision and Mission


IIHM institute is established to provide qualified and competent hospitality leaders in global arena. Institute has designed all short term and diploma programs in such a way that the participants can achieve their destination in a very effective manner especially for foreign and domestic employment. We encourage and promote youth to be professional through the training courses and different level of counseling and consultancy facilities.

IIHM always focus on providing the best way of learning methodology to each student analyzing their strength and capacity. Assuring the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitude regarding hospitality management sector to compete successfully in the national and international market employment.


IIHM inspires energetic youth to be hospitality leaders globally and creating a world-class platform for education and careers in today’s extremely competitive job market.

  • To create an admirable, world-class base with the help of our colleagues and educators with special focus on respect, integrity and passion.
  • Inspiring hospitality leaders globally.
  • Facilitate vocational training and Hospitality education
  • Providing Friendly atmosphere.
  • Maximum contemporary teaching learning aid through audio-visual classes.
  • To provide skilled and competent human resource to meet national as well as international Standard.
  • To equip each trainees keeping in view the prospective of earning.
  • Special privileges to the far flung candidates, conflict affected, women, different level people (single, widow), orphan, people of different marginalize community, socially deprived Etc.


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