CEO’s Note

International Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM) Family are looking forward to providing world class hospitality education training. As we know without good quality in educational and vocational trainings, hospitality industry is not sustainable. Since its establishment, IIHM has been focused on world class hospitality training.

Since IIHM was founded in 2012, its primary objectives have been to provide smart, ambitious youth with the skills that could provide the foundation for them to enter the hotel and hospitality industry and not just a job but a career that could take them around the world – or to build their own operations. IIHM with its mission to inspiring hospitality leaders globally. If you love people, food, wine, and thrive under pressure, then you’re an excellent fit for this industry. Finally I would like to say that just fallow the ‘SUCCESS MANTRA’ and that is F.O.C.U.S.

It stands for:

F= Follow
O= one
C= Course of Action
U= Until
S= Successful

Thank you and good luck to all !

Ranjit Thapa


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