International Institute of Hospitality Management (IIHM) is an autonomous organization registered in company register office and Ministry of Education Nepal. IIHM has officially tie up with Jobs Global UAE and its country office of Nepal Jobs global Nepal, Kathmandu, for abroad job placement and internship package. Not only with single organization which has global excess to placement, IIHM has been very good and professional relation with different agencies and overseas globally. IIHM has just single motto that is ‘Inspiring Hospitality Leaders Globally’. Global market of hotel and hospitality now is outstanding platform for newly leaders to improve and upgrade themselves.

IIHM enters its 4th year ( EStd. 2012) in education and various courses of vocational training to young adults for a professional career in the global hospitality industry. IIHM bridge the youngster to a bright future by providing the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skill and attitude regarding hospitality management sector to compete in successful in the local and international market .Since its establishment IIHM have offers various courses in Food Production, F & B Service, Housekeeping, Front Office, Barman, Bakery, Barista, Care givers, for people going to international market , especially to UAE, Kuwait , Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Israel, Hong Kong, Sypris, Singapore, Canada , Australia and many more . Our courses range from one month to Eighteen months. It has been successfully completed in different courses related with hotel and hospitality.

IIHM has undertaken the employees training of different star hotel, resort and fine dining within country and abroad like UAE, Malaysia, India and some other country. There is wide range of tie-up with foreign and domestic employment services and recruitment agencies for the placement of our graduates. They are doing very well in different part of the world. We have been providing Scholarship to the desired candidates.

Delivering World-Class Hospitality

IIHM is envisioned to create future hospitality leaders with its extensive range of programs, combined with sound academic and training experiences facilitated by the best possible resources available in the nation and expert hired from abroad. we aim to nurture the leadership required by the today’s demanding hospitality industry with the right skills that enhance ability to become visionary, Integration and ensure the success of our graduates because, after-all, leadership is all about staying ahead and setting the trails for others to follow.

Hospitality Industry is one of the fastest growing and largest industries in the world. These are practiced skills gained through education. IIHM provides its students with an extensive range of academic programs in combination with practical training actions for them to apply what they learn. Global expertise is carefully integrated through video, on line learning and international instructors to ensure that both skill-based and personality development needs are met.


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